Who We Are

What We Do

  • A group of local citizens encouraging regional bicycling and walking activities in SW Montana


  • Bike Walk Southwest Montana is a local Non-profit charity dedicated to making 'Active living a lifestyle for all ages'


  • We offer educational programs for bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists on being safe travelers.


  • We support initiatives such as ‘Building Active Communities Initiative’ 


  • We manage the Dillon Rx Trail system which helps doctors provide walking activities for clients.

  • Encourage and host bicycling and walking activities for fun, for health and for exploration.


  • Use grant and donation funding for bicycling and walking amenities in local Southwest Montana.


  • Seek local local citizen input on bicycling and walking issues.                    

  • Support the principles of the ‘Rails to Trails’ & the and reduction of carbon footprints in  combating global warming.


  • Host regional bicycling and walking educational safety awareness programs for all ages.