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Who We Are and What Does BWSW Do

  1. BWSW is group of volunteer citizens encouraging regional bicycling and walking activities in SW Montana

  2. Bike Walk Southwest Montana is a local Non-profit charity dedicated to making 'Active living a lifestyle for all ages'

  3. BWSW offers educational programs for bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists on being safe travelers.

  4. BWSW supports initiatives such as ‘Building Active Communities Initiative’

  5. BWSW manages the Dillon Rx Trail system which helps doctors provide walking activities for clients.

  6. BWSW reclaims bicycles to giveaway (with a helmet) to those in need  as identified through local service agencies.


  1. Encourages and hosts bicycling and walking activities for fun, for health and for exploration.

  2. Uses grant and donation funding to support bicycling and walking opportunities in Montana.

  3. Seeks local local citizen input on bicycling and walking issues.                 

  4. Supports the principles of the ‘Rails to Trails’ & the and reduction of carbon footprints in  combating global warming.

  5. Hosts regional bicycling and walking educational safety awareness.

  6. Operates a donation only full service camp for travelling visitors passing through Southwest Montana.

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