2019 Suggested Activities

Summer / Fall List  – ‘starter’ list. Two optional activities per month.

  • Three Forks bicycle / walk with potential overnight campout (paved)

  • Local 1-3 hour bicycle / walk evening activity (many potential areas depending group abilities, paved and/or gravel)

  • May Creek bicycle / walk on Gibbons Pass road with potential overnight campout

  • Butte – Anaconda trail bicycle / walk, distance depending on group abilities. (paved)

  • Pioneer byway bicycle / walk, distance depending on group abilities. (paved and / or gravel)

  • Barretts Park to Clark Canyon via petroglyphs bicycle / walk. (paved and gravel)

  • Dillon city loop bicycle / walk starting at Chris Craft County Park. (paved)

  • Lacey Creek bicycle / walk. (gravel)

  • Red Mountain bicycle / walk / overnight on Madison river.

  • Craters of the Moon bicycle / walk with potential overnight. (paved bike, gravel walk)

  • Stoddard Creek – Monida Pass bicycle / walk with potential overnight.

  • Yellowstone ride – 2 rides / walks overnight highly recommended

    • Lone Start Geyser (old pavement)

    • Prismatic Spring (gravel)

  • Teton front ride / walk overnight highly recommended (paved)

  • Idaho Falls City ride / walk (paved)

  • Great Falls River ride / walk overnight recommended (paved, single track available)

  • Glacier park ride / walk overnight recommended

  • Hamilton – Missoula Trail ride / walk (paved) overnight possible

  • Lewis and Clark Caverns ride & walk overnight recommended

  • Sweetwater dirt road ride

  • Centennial – Blacktail gravel road ride

Winter / Fall List

  • Bicycling education class (maintenance and safety)

  • Adventure bicycling and walking film series

  •  Fall bicycle / walk rodeo / scavenger hunt

  • Rx Trail signage maintenance

  • Community service work in Dillon, Lima, Wise River and Wisdom

  • Grant research

  • Bicycle rack project

  • Bicycle helmet project

  • X-country ski (exploration, class, outing) / Snowshoe possible

Our Vision - Southwest Montana is a place where bicycling and walking are every-day mainstream modes of travel.